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So what do we think?  Well  before start we should ask a preliminary question: why, or do we, care at all? OK, let’s presume that since the hair in question is on Tiger’s face, we do care. A little. Not a lot.  Just enough for a quick post.

Is he trying to emulate Brian Wilson of your World Champion SF Giants?  Is this a ‘fear the beard’ thing?  Maybe.  Perhaps it’s a challenge to young Mr. McIlroy, as in “Hey, congrats but I bet you can’t do this fuzz face!”  Is it all a deliberate re-positioning thing in terms of marketing his brand?  Since he has had to kiss off all that corporate sponsorship is this the opening phase in creating a new hipper image?  Maybe.  Or does pop psychology hold the answer since the over the counter explanation has always been that people grow beards when they want to hide or want to hide something.  And if I’m Tiger I’d definitely be into hiding after about a year and a half of questions about things I really don’t want to talk about (the scandal, the divorce, the return, the injury and on and on).

Or maybe there’s a much simpler explanation: you just don’t get around to shaving as often when the old lady’s away.  That’s no statement on his face.  Just a bachelor lifestyle.