I find it interesting that nobody, at least to my knowledge, has pointed out the ultimate irony in the Bubba debacle in France last week. His lack of knowledge about French landmarks shouldn’t be all that surprising.  Becoming one of the top golfers in the world takes an incredible amount of work and focus and I don’t expect somebody who has spent countless hours practicing all variety of shots on the course to be that well-versed in cultural matters.

But here’s the irony.  Golf throws its collective shoulder out congratulating itself about how what you learn from the game and on the course can be applied to life in general.  We’ve all seen the First Tee commercials, right?  So let’s assume that Bubba in the infamous interview chose to apply that code to the questions about his visit to Paris and its environs.  In other words, let’s have Bubba talk about what he saw as if he were talking about a golf club that had invited him to play there.  Would he EVER insult their signature hole (i.e. that Tower)?  Would he be careless about remembering names?  Would he criticize the layout?  No, of course not.  He didn’t mean any harm.  As far as I can tell he’s a nice guy.  He just needs to remember than when he’s off the course he should act like he’s still on it.  After all it’s where he’s at his best.