The longer his absence from competition  the more Tiger Woods becomes some sort of Rorschach test onto which we can project our own interpretations and feelings about such matters as sexual misconduct, pride and the concept of celebrity athletes as ‘brands’.  But while no one may be bigger than the game, one’s story can go well beyond the boundaries of the sport.  And this is definitely the case with Mr. Woods.  More than any other athlete of this era, the arc of his story includes all the juicy ingredients we look for in a story. In fact it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking TV, movies or the stage, there are only seven basic plots and so far the Tiger story has come to a screen near you in almost every one of those.  Let’s review, shall we?

1. Overcoming the monster: This is Tiger as post-racial hero, changing forever our image of what a championship golfer should look like.

2. Rags to riches.  Okay, maybe not rags but definitely riches. And half of that stash ain’t bad.

3. The Quest: 18 baby.  Right now, 14 and holding.

4. Voyage and Return: (In this plot the hero heads off to a magic land with crazy rules and ultimately triumphs).  Hmmm. Alright maybe this one is a stretch.  The PGA Tour maybe?  Hanging with Charles Barkley?

5. Comedy: This one went into inadvertent production in late 2009.  Had a good run but has basically gone into syndication at this point.

6. Tragedy : Currently in production.  A lot of people appear to think that they’ve already seen trailers for this one.

7. Rebirth: On the back burner but I would not rule it out.