Hindsight is 20/20, right?  So here’s what I’m seeing in my rear view mirror five days after The Open:

1. Given the conditions Darren Clarke was the obvious guy to win.  Even for a links course Royal St. Georges seems like a particularly fickle place to play.  Combine that with the weather and your winner has to be somebody who has faced adversity with resilience and  class.  Was there anyone else in the field who even comes close to Darren in that regard?

2.  Rory spits the bit.  I don’t think you admit to a weakness or preference like that if you’re about to dominate the golf world.  That wasn’t the way the last guy did it.

3. Lay off Dustin.  So people see a pattern there?  Well so do I: he’s in contention.  Otherwise I don’t see a common thread.  Pebble was a classic meltdown.  The PGA was really pretty absurd.  Yeah he probably should have read the course material more closely (or at all), but how many times do you have galleries standing in bunkers?  I can’t blame him for not thinking this through in the heat of battle.  And he fanned a shot on the back nine of The Open. Big deal.  Betcha he’s shaken it off.