Hey, it’s November already.  We’re headed at full speed straight into the holidays, that period of time that gets referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year.”  I know it may seem early, but given the rate at which I’ve been posting recently I thought it made sense to get this post out now.

So is it really the most wonderful time of the year?  Not really, if you’re a golfer in the Northern Hemisphere.  I was in London last weekend, and I know a lot of you blokes there in the U.K. are still getting some playing time in, but honestly guys, that doesn’t look like all that much fun.  And I know you like to play quickly but it must get a little jammed out there with all of six hours of daylight, if you can call it that.  Even here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the game is shifting from summer conditions to something muckier and messier.  I’m not complaining (well, actually I am, aren’t I?), but the flavor of a round in the rainy season seems just a bit more agricultural and less athletic when it gets muddy out there.

Even if you live in one of those places that were uninhabitable until the invention of air conditioning (like Florida and Arizona) the game is starting to change for one simple reason: the rest of us start showing up and the rates go up.  See, nobody wins.

Random holiday related questions and thoughts:

1. Is golf the tur-duck-en of sports? It could be. Think about it. It’s a zen moment inside a precise physical movement inside a game. It’s not golf. It’s ga-pre-zen.

2. Burberry makes cologne. So does Calvin Klein and the other big designers.  So where are the golf manufacturers? Wouldn’t you like to get a bottle of Titleist aftershave this holiday season?  I can hear the ad slogan now: “Titleist. When you want to get really close.”  What about Ping Body Wash? Now that sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  I’d lather up with that stuff.  Cleveland Body Wash? I’m not so sure.  And, hey don’t forget about a box of Taylor Made condoms, you know, the ones that come with the little dial so you can adjust the, uh, loft angle.  Those things are awesome.  It’s probably a good idea for me to stop, but I think you get the idea.  The golf companies are missing out on a gold mine.

3. If you could get one thing for your golf game, what would it be?