A couple items for you all:

1. Hey did I mention that I wrote a book? It’s available on Amazon.  Just search for “Why We Golf.”

The Man, The legend

2. Today we mourn the passing of possibly the greatest golfer of all time: Kim Jong Il, a.k.a the Dear Leader of North Korea.  Surprised? He had been rumored to be sick for several years.  Oh, you meant the part about being the greatest golfer of all time.  Hey, according to the state press in North Korea, he routinely had three to four holes-in-one every time he played.  Let’s see Luke Donald do that.

3. Today I got an email from Golf Link selling a product called Golf Fuel.  It’s a pill.  It makes you a better golfer.  I have now officially entered the twilight zone.

4. Hey did I mention that my book is out?