I will confess to somewhat obsessively tracking the amount of traffic this blog receives and things have picked up a great deal recently.  So, acting on the assumption that my readership has finally expanded ever so slightly from my beloved, but limited, circle of family and friends, I think it appropriate that I let you newcomers in on something:

If you like the blog, you’ll love the book.  That’s right folks, just mosey on over to Amazon, type in “Why We Golf,” pay a modest sum and you can own the book that started it all.  Because, you see, I did this all backwards.  You’re supposed to develop what they refer to as your ‘platform’ and then publish a book that has a built-in audience.  But not me.  I produced a book and only then did I start blogging.  So help me catch up. You’ll be glad you did.

You could own this. And you should.