It’s only the middle of January so I can still make predictions for the year ahead, right? Well here we go, but before I launch in, I have to say that I think I’m going to nail these.  We’ll check back in a year and see how I’ve done, but I’m thinking perfection here.

And here’s why: the key to infallibility, folks, is inscrutability.  Be ambiguous.  Give yourself some wiggle room.  Do what the Delphic Oracle did: sniff some fumes and just wing it!  Be intentionally vague and non-specific.  Your odds of being “right” go up dramatically if accuracy is a matter of retroactive interpretation. Besides, it makes you sound  heavy and insightful.

So here they are, my “you can take it to the bank” predictions for golf in 2013:

A player of mixed ancestry will win a major.

A man from a divided country will win a major.

A player who looks like a cartoon character will win a major.

Only one player will be compared consistently with the earlier version of himself.

A player from a country surrounded by water will win a major.

The golf media will identify at least three emerging rivalries.  None will materialize in a Sunday final pairing.

The leaderboard for at least one LPGA tournament will NOT look like the directory for a Seoul apartment building.

There will be sudden death playoffs, but everybody will live.

There you have it. Let’s check back in on these when 2014 rolls around.